The Target footwear design, development, and merchandising teams spent close to 18 months completely overhauling the kids athletic footwear collection under the All In Motion brand.
Our focus was to push the kids athletic footwear collection at Target to truly compete with the more prominent athletic footwear brands on the market. We achieved this by ensuring the shoes had improved durability, comfortability, and washability. 
From this came the new All In Motion Cushion IQ™ outsoles, a more comfortable and forgiving outsole. The shoes also have added protective Toe Shield™ elements that increase the durability and prolong the life of the shoe - in turn making them more sustainable via hand-me-down use. And with the uppers comprised of entirely wash-friendly materials and the added feature of removable insoles, the shoes can be washed with ease.
The entire Target footwear design and development team worked hand-in-hand for well over a year to get this collection to the finish line. All uppers, outsoles, trims, colors, materials, hardware, and fits were thoroughly considered by the team to bring the Target guest a great value athletic footwear collection. 
Design and development team: Ethan Stoltz, Masha Kroshinskaya, Marco Quinonez, Ka Ying Lee, Christian Espitia Betancourth, Angie Miller-Foley, Jason Burnell, Tyler Bishoff
Buying and merch team: Dan Glass, Sarah Miller
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